Personal Training Courses

Want to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor? Many employers prefer to hire personal trainers who have, or are working towards, a qualification. These PT courses will give you the skills you need to help yourself and others reach health and fitness goals. 

You’ll learn the latest in exercise science and how to fuel the body with the latest in nutrition, how to develop exercise programmes and the fundamentals for running a successful personal training business. You can also go on to work at top facilities with clients of your own.  

More about personal training

Personal trainers may do some or all the following:

  • assess clients' health, wellness

  • design exercise programmes for them based on their fitness goals

  • take clients for personal training sessions

  • explain and demonstrate safe exercises

  • give advice on nutrition as well as injury recovery and prevention

  • promote their services to gain more clients

  • make bookings and keep accounts.


  • Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor - $21-$35 per hour

  • Sports Coach/ Official - $44K-$146K per year


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