Cooking Courses

Do you love to cook and dream of being a caterer or chef one day?

A practical and hands-on cooking course will help you build work-ready kitchen skills to help you get a job and start your journey in New Zealand or abroad. New Zealand’s food culture is world-renowned, and now’s a great time to join this once-again booming industry. 

New Zealand’s food culture is world-renowned, and with a current shortage of trained chefs, it’s a great time to start training or upskill and join this once-again booming industry.  

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Learn the ins and outs of cooking from presentation to restaurant management. You’ll get to experiment and create and design unique dishes as the seasons change. Cooking students learn about a wide range of cookery techniques and disciplines and gain confidence working in a commercial kitchen environment.  

You’ll be trained by industry-experienced chefs and enjoy small classes with one-to-one support throughout your training. 


  • Food Technologist - $50K-$100K per year

  • Cook- $21-$23 per hour

  • Chef - $21-$38 per hour

  • Kitchenhand - $21-$22 per hour


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