How to become a personal trainer in New Zealand

30 June 2023
How to become a personal trainer in New Zealand


Why become a personal trainer?

Personal trainers/fitness instructors help people improve their general fitness or train for special events through individual programmes or classes.

To become a game-changer in the exercise industry you need to start with the fundamentals of being a personal trainer. Learn fitness, health, and dietary knowledge, and develop your own custom-made fitness programmes to road test on real clients of your own.

Alternative job titles

Fitness Instructor
Aerobics Instructor
Fitness Consultant
Gym Instructor
Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Bootcamp Instructor
Aqua Fitness Instructor


Understanding the best way to become a qualified personal trainer in New Zealand looks complicated but is easy. Here are the steps you need to take to start your career as a personal trainer.

Step 1

Choose and enrol with a registered training provider

Step 2

Complete in a level 3 certificate program

Step 3

Progress to level 4 certificate program



Average Pay

$40k - $110k



Length of training

1/2 - 1 year



Available Jobs


*TradeMe Jobs, April 2022

  • Patient, friendly, supportive and professional

  • Able to lead and motivate others

  • Organised and adaptable

  • Good at problem-solving

  • Good communicators.

  • Gyms

  • Fitness centres

  • Fitness clubs

  • Work independently

  • Set up a business

  • Become franchise holders.


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