Film & TV Courses

Ever wanted to become an actor? How about directing your own movie? Whether you want to make films, make film sets, or work in film production, there are a range of Film and TV courses to help you get your name on the screen.

A hands-on Film and TV course will guide you into a career in directing, screenwriting, production, costume design, makeup or visual effects.

More about film and television

New Zealand’s screen industry is booming as Hollywood looks to New Zealand more and more as a safe haven for film and television production. 

Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” prequel,  James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels and Netflix’ reboot of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ are all in desperate of people who know their way around a film and tv set. In Auckland alone the industry predicts it will need 500 graduates over the next three years to fill various roles on set.   


  • Film and Video Editor - $44K-$100K per year

  • Art Director (Film, Television or Stage) - Pay rates for art directors vary depending on the size, length and budget of the production.

  • Film/Television Camera Operator - $30-$120 per hour

  • Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) - Pay rates for directors vary depending on your ability, experience, and what type of work you do.

  • Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) - Pay rates for production assistants vary depending on the type of production you work on.

  • Media Producer - Pay rates for media producers vary as most are self-employed and work on short-term contracts.

  • Sound Technician - $45K-$80K per year

  • Actor - Pay rates for actors vary depending on your ability, how often you work and what type of work you do.

  • Television Presenter - Pay for television presenters varies depending on their profile, experience and responsibility.


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