Holly Beckham - Diploma in Film and TV Production

9 August 2021
Holly Beckham - Diploma in Film and TV Production

Holly Beckham graduated with a South Seas Diploma in Film and TV Production in 2020. Since then, she has released a film called ‘He Ara Anō’ – a documentary that reveals how a disconnection with wairua (spirituality) creates fertile ground for addiction to take hold of young wāhine (women).

While going through her own struggles, Holly was inspired to make a documentary about addiction. As director and producer of the film, she wanted to highlight the voices of wāhine toa in Aotearoa – giving them a platform to tell their stories of hope and strength to help others overcome addiction. 

The film was completed in December 2020 and has since received ten prestigious awards; including, Mokkho International Critics Choice Award, Halicarnassus Best First Time Director and the Sasee Best Student Short Film Award.

To learn more about Holly’s story and documentary, visit the He Ara Anō website.


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