Sports Management, Recreation and Performance Courses

If you're interested in health and fitness but more along the lines of coaching or teaching indoor or outdoor recreational or professional sporting activities, studying a course in sports recreation, management or performance might just be where you need to start in your career.

During these courses, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter the sport, recreation, and exercise industries and have fun doing it.

More about sports management, recreation and performance

Working in the sports management, recreation and performance industry, you may do some of the following:

  • organise practice sessions and develop training programmes and drills

  • referee, umpire and keep time for sports competitions or games

  • look after equipment and ensure players use it correctly

  • judge and award points in sports competitions

  • plan and co-ordinate recreation programmes and events, social sports, competitions, and before-school, after-school and school holiday programmes

  • advise councils and commissions on recreation planning and policies

  • work with the community to design and develop recreation projects

  • assess risks involved in an activity, taking into account the weather and different clients' abilities

  • lead, guide and teach people taking part in activities

  • clean and store equipment after use

  • organise safety procedures including checking equipment, running rescue practices, and providing first aid if necessary.



  • Sports Coach/​Official - Entry-level coaches usually earn $44K per year. Regional and national coaches usually earn $53K-$146K per year

  • Recreation Co-ordinator - Recreation co-ordinators usually earn $44K-$57K per year - Senior recreation co-ordinators usually earn $60K-$83K per year

  • Outdoor Recreation Guide/​Instructor - Outdoor recreation guides and instructors usually earn $44K-$58K per year