Police & Uniformed Services Preparation Courses

Whether you want to become a police officer, fire-fighter or join the defence force, prepare your mental and physical fitness so you’re ready to nail the recruitment and selection process.  

You’ll learn from New Zealand Police Officers and industry experienced tutors and train hard to meet the fitness requirements, including completing a Royal New Zealand Police College mock-test. 

These courses are for anyone inspired to join the New Zealand Police Force, security organisations or to go on to further study. 

More about police & uniformed services preparation

This industry plays a vital role in the welfare and safety of people here in New Zealand and abroad, whether on the front-line in Police and Emergency services, or behind the scenes in the Defence Force and Private Security. This means there are so many career opportunities for you to make a real difference at a local, national or international level. 


  • Police Officer - $69K-$76K per year

  • Intelligence Officer - $44K-$118K per year.

  • Security Officer/ Guard - $21-$70 per hour.

  • Army Soldier - $44K-$103K per year

  • Army Officer - $44K-$120K per year

Source: https://www.careers.govt.nz/jobs-database/