Digital Design Courses

If you thrive on using your creativity and drawing skills with the help of computers and design software, a course in digital design just might be the perfect start for your career as a designer.

Studying a digital design course is an excellent starting point for students aspiring to become a graphic, web or UX designer in New Zealand or around the world. 

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Day to day

Graphic, UX or Web designers may do some of the following:

  • create designs for different digital or out of home media

  • show design ideas to clients or international stakeholders

  • develop design ideas by researching and brainstorming

  • prepare sketches or diagrams

  • discuss project requirements with their client

  • test web designs on users for user feedback

  • meet users to understand their needs

  • decide on the type, placement and content of graphics and multimedia features

  • research website and software application (app) design and technology trends


  • Graphic Designer - $54K-$100K per year

  • User Experience Designer - $90K-$150K per year



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