Bakery Courses

If you enjoy being creative, working with your hands, or baking at home, then a professional baking and patisserie course could be for you. 

Transform your creativity as you learn how to make amazing baking creations to share with friends and family. You’ll have loads of fun and learn the practical skills you’ll need to become a baker one day.  

With a shortage of trained bakers, there's never been a better time to start training or upskill. Get yourself work-read for exciting job opportunities to get your baking career cooking. 

More about bakery and patisserie

Bakers or patisserie chefs may do some or all of the following:

  • follow recipes and change ingredients when needed

  • measure and mix ingredients

  • knead, roll and shape the dough or pastry for baking, either manually or using a machine

  • bake items in an oven

  • prepare items for sale, including icing items or decorating cakes

  • prepare customer orders and serve customers.


  • Baker - $45K-$67K per year

  • Food Technologist - $50K-$100K per year