Tishana Babbage - Employment Success

11 December 2019
Tishana Babbage - Employment Success

What course did you complete?

  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism, Travel and Airline Level 3

  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism, Hotel, Conference and Events Level 4

  • New Zealand Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management Level 5



Current student or Graduate?

Graduated 2017

What have you gained from studying at NZST?

Studying at the New Zealand School of Tourism was definitely one of the best choices I have made. I gained confidence to be the person I am today. I came out of my shell very fast and I have made friends that I will keep for life.

What was one of the highlights?

In 2016 I was awarded Student of the Year for the Christchurch Campus which was a huge privilege. I was not expecting my name to be called out, so the night was definitely full of emotion and pride.

You gained an internship at Walt Disney World, how did that come about?

At NZST we have two opportunities to apply for an internship at Walt Disney.  The recruiters from Walt Disney actually come to our campus and we go through a series of interviews.  It’s really exciting, as the opportunity can change your life.

What are you doing now, after the internship?

When I returned from Walt Disney World in 2018, I was offered a full-time job here at New Zealand School of Tourism in Christchurch, as the Customer Service Officer. It was pretty exciting going from a student to a staff member and learning how everything works behind the scenes of our studies. The most exciting aspect of my job would be getting to interact with many students on a daily and getting to be someone that they look up to.


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