Simon Fraser - Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

24 September 2021
Simon Fraser - Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

For Simon Fraser, the convenience of New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC)’s online learning options was brought to light when the country went into lockdown just two months into his Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) studies.

“I was especially impressed by how the college responded to the challenges of Covid-19; quickly implementing online Block Courses that allowed students to continue meeting their study requirements, despite massive disruption in the country.

“In my view, NZTC is unmatched in its ability to offer convenient study options that allow students to learn and work simultaneously.”

After working as a relief teacher in an early childhood centre, Simon chose to study with NZTC following encouragement from his fellow colleagues.

“Nearly all of the teachers at my centre completed their qualifications with NZTC and had such fantastic experiences, so the college was my first choice of tertiary institute and I felt really motivated to enrol in one of their teaching programs.”

Simon has found that the knowledge accumulated through his studies is directly shaping his practice as a student teacher, and he feels fully supported on his educational journey.

“Each assignment is so relevant to the work I do every day with the children, and the online classroom, the available readings, the lecturers and the Pastoral Support Team are fantastic. NZTC Online is so easy to use and has everything you need to confidently engage in your studies.”

Now nurturing a strong passion for teaching, Simon encourages aspiring teachers to take the plunge and enrol in a qualification with the college.

“I can’t imagine ever choosing a different career. Teachers are so crucial in supporting our youngest and most vulnerable learners, and I enjoy supporting children to recognise their immense value and limitless potential.

“I truly hope that my experience supports others considering early childhood study options to choose NZTC.”


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