Rachel Pay - Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

24 September 2021
Rachel Pay - Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

A desire to try something new encouraged Rachel Pay to enrol in the Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) program with New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC).

“Previously working in the medical field, I have held many enjoyable roles over the years. However, I found that I was no longer being challenged the way I had once been. With a lifelong interest in early childhood, I felt now was the right time to set myself a new goal.

“I was terrified of starting full-time study at my age. But I decided life was for living, so I grabbed the bull by the horns and began the application process. It’s never too late to follow your passion and embark on a new journey!”

While as a mature student Rachel initially found online study challenging, she is grateful for NZTC’s learning platform, NZTC Online, and all of the content available.

“The way NZTC Online is set up is great. When you first enrol you are taught how to navigate the site, and there is information on writing essays and what is expected of us as students. This platform really supports the pathway to successful learning and achievement, with heaps of teaching and learning resources, online assistance and support options.

“I particularly love the fact that the important teaching resources we have access to are written in both Māori and English, as I am passionate about our bicultural society and how we can meet the needs of Māori learners and others alike.”

Rachel is finding the practical component of her qualification to be particularly valuable.

“As both a parent and grandparent, I felt I was already bringing quite a strong foundation of knowledge to my studies. However, I am learning so many new things! The benefit of the hours spent in my Home Centre is that I can see the theories and concepts I am learning about actually being put into practice.

“I believe that a blend of theory and practical experience is essential for students committed to becoming excellent teachers.”


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