Pip Deazley - Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management)

24 September 2021
Pip Deazley - Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management)

A former librarian, farmer, nanny and banker, Pip Deazley’s career as an early childhood teacher began later in life, after her role as a mother inspired her to pursue a lifelong passion.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how children develop, learn and grow. I knew as a single mum I couldn’t leave a full-time job to study, but I was determined to show my daughter that no matter what age you are, you can learn, grow and be successful,” said Pip.

“I secured a job as a training teacher and searched for a provider that could suit my needs of working, studying, and raising a family. NZTC was perfect for me.”

After ‘falling in love with learning’ during her Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) and then being promoted to a centre leader, Pip decided to enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management).

“As I climbed in responsibility I wanted a good grounding of theory to build my leadership capacity. My postgraduate study has supported me by building my confidence in my ability to lead,” Pip said.

“This qualification opened my eyes to different leadership styles so I am better able to recognise how different teachers work and think, and how I can support them. Their success leads to the success of the children.”

Pip now utilises her new skills and knowledge every day, whether she’s working on the floor alongside other teachers or in the wider management of the centre.

“While the program is grounded in leadership and management, it’s from a values-based lens which reflects my philosophy in action. The courses on management were also a great learning curve for me, as now I understand the legal requirements around running a great ECE service,” she said.

“Ten years ago I would never have seen myself doing postgraduate study, but now education has become a complete passion of mine. I look forward to continuing to grow in this field.”


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