Jannet Singh - Certificate in Health Studies (Advanced) (Level 4)

24 September 2021
Jannet Singh - Certificate in Health Studies (Advanced) (Level 4)

Jannet Singh, NZMA Manukau Health student tells us about what its like to study at NZMA.

What are you studying at NZMA Manukau?

Level 4 Health

What were you doing before you came to NZMA?

Studying at Alfriston College. Coming here opened up my eyes to an easier route to my future. For me it was easier because I already knew what I wanted to be, I had a set pathway here.

Is NZMA different from high school?

Coming to NZMA there were so many improvements. The staff are friendlier, they help you more. My tutor last year gave me so much information about the career I have chosen.

Here at NZMA the environment is friendlier, it’s not stress-free but it’s less stressful than high school. At high school, they just chuck everything at you and expect you to do it on your own. But at NZMA they are giving you work and making sure you can do it, making sure you get what you need.

What made you decide on Health?

In primary school whenever someone would get a cut or something, I’d rush them to the nurse and help them get a plaster on. That was just me generally trying to help people and be there for them. Taking health just fits.

How did you feel after starting?

In the beginning, I was doing high school and my NZMA course at the same time. It was new and a bit weird because I wasn’t used to it. But it was cool going into it. The nerves went away pretty quick, everyone was very welcoming.

How have you found the tutors?

I love the tutors. Especially Preeti from last year. She would go above her job to talk to me about scholarships and tell me I can make it in medicine. The tutors are so friendly. They’re always letting us know we can go to them and ask them questions. They’re amazing and I love them. They make everything so much easier. Preeti is like a mother in a sense. If you were absent for a couple of days she’d be calling you to see what was going on and take care of us. They put a lot more effort in.

What’s a typical day like for you at NZMA?

We start at 8:30, our tutor will prep us on the day, and then we’ll jump into the first lesson, we’ll do some group work so everyone contributes. Then we’ll present to the class, practicing our presenting skills for future assessments, then we’ll have a break, and have another lesson or start working on our assessments. Then we’ll finish at 12:30, but I usually stay back to keep working on assessments.

What are your highlights from your time at NZMA?

There are too many. Last year we had a movie day with the class after we’d handed in all of our assessments. Last Friday we had a day where the whole campus came together, with heaps of performances, I performed. And we all had a shared lunch, the whole campus. We’ve had culture days, and everyone comes together and it feels like a big family.

What will you do in the future?

I’ll be a midwife. After finishing my level four, I’ll go on to AUT next year and study midwifery. Another four years of study there and then onto being a midwife.

What made you want to be a midwife?

My mum has seven children, all girls. I’m the oldest, I’m 18 now, my sisters are 16, 11, 11, (they’re twins), an 8 year old, a 3 year old, and a 1 year old. Basically, while she was pregnant, I was by her side, rubbing her back, going to her appointments with her. Watching the midwives do their job, I was inspired. Being by my mum’s side, I’ve seen how hard it is, it’s encouraged me. I want to go out there and help all the future mothers out there, give them advice and the support they need.

What are some skills you’ve learned to help you to become a midwife?

Time management, definitely. Communication and leadership, being a team player. In terms of my confidence, I’ll be ready to deal with patients.

Will you pop back to NZMA once you’ve moved on with your studies elsewhere?

Definitely! I already told Preeti I’ll be over to chat about assessments and grab a coffee.

Would you recommend NZMA to a friend?

Yes. I would say that NZMA is a lovely place and environment, which is very welcoming. They teach you what you need to know and more. They get you the qualifications you need. They’re so helpful. It’s a great environment to be around. This place is pretty special. I’ve been here for over a year. I feel at home here, this place is an amazing place that gives off a really cool vibe.

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