Debbie Fordyce - Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

24 September 2021
 Debbie Fordyce - Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

Originally a trained primary school teacher, Debbie Fordyce decided to make the switch to early childhood after completing some training through Playcentre.

“This experience further ignited my passion for early childhood and led to me becoming employed as an assistant supervisor. I have been an educator for a Southland Playcentre and a strong advocate for education and early childhood. Now I am a kaiako at a small urban based centre.”

Debbie decided to enrol with NZTC after she learnt of the benefits a formal qualification would bring.

“I knew that being a qualified teacher would be advantageous, and I was keen to further my knowledge and what I could offer as a kaiako. Looking at the NZTC website, I realised that I could complete the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) which would enable me to become a registered teacher.

“I was also impressed with the scholarships offered, and that you could apply and be approved to study within a short time frame.”

For Debbie, there are so many positives to working in early childhood.

“I love everything about my job! Connecting and developing respectful, responsive, and reciprocal relationships with ngā tamariki and whānau is very important to me.

“My NZTC studies have provided me with much knowledge, and prompted me to improve my practice as I consider new information and how it aligns with my teaching philosophy and my centre’s values. It has cemented some of my views, values and beliefs, and made me question and re-think others. It has encouraged me to think more critically and be more reflective within my practice to become a more well-rounded kaiako.”

Studying with NZTC Online could not have been a more seamless experience for Debbie.

“Everything is clearly laid out and the information provided for each course is thorough and current. The assessment guidelines are very useful in assisting students with the requirements and being able to ask any question at any time is hugely beneficial. The online discussion forums are informative and a useful way to interact and engage with others to share our knowledge and understandings, and to grow these and to support others.”

Debbie is excited for what the future holds for her as a teacher.

“I plan to continue learning and growing at my centre in my role as a kaiako through reflective practice and professional development. I am keen to also complete a postgraduate diploma so I can continue to upskill.”


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