Cassandra Doherty - Beauty & Body Essentials Level 4 Professional Face, Body & Spa Therapies Level 5

23 September 2021
Cassandra Doherty - Beauty & Body Essentials Level 4 Professional Face, Body & Spa Therapies Level 5

Did you always want to be in the beauty industry?

I have always been passionate about beauty and had started working in a small salon where I performed tasks around nails and other beautician tasks. This sparked my passion for the beauty industry. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology while feeling confident that I was going to be the best therapist I could be for my clients. I knew that studying at Elite to further my skills was my next step to become the confidant beauty therapist I am today

How has your course at Elite helped you in your current role or career?

Elite helped me gain confidence in myself and provided me with all the training and resources needed to make me a master of my trade. We have an Elite Spa at the Auckland campus where we would have weekly client days. These helped us gain further confidence with treatments and clients. I feel that this provided me with the confidence I needed to be a great beauty therapist.

Where are you working now? And what is your role?

I work in a busy salon called Loft Beauty Boutique in Mt Eden. Here I am a beauty therapist performing advanced facial treatments to help clients with their skin concerns, waxing, brows, lash lifts, spray tans and massage. Every day is a little bit different and I thoroughly enjoy doing a range of treatments.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?     

The most exciting part of my job is client’s satisfaction and female empowerment, particularly when someone comes in with a skin concern and you are able to fix this for them. It provides them with so much more confidence and comfort. This is incredibly rewarding for me, as making people feel amazing is my number one priority, when they are in for a treatment. I have struggled with Acne for the last 10 years and know first-hand what this can do to your confidence and outlook on life. We work with a range of skin care brands, DMK, Aspect and Cosmedix and advanced machines. There is an answer for every skin concern

Did your course at Elite live up to your expectations?

The course at Elite surpassed all expectations. I had a fantastic relationship with all of my tutors as well as the other staff on campus. This is vital as we all had to work so closely together every day. Elite Auckland has an onsite spa that we were able to work in once a week which was such a great tool in getting me ready for the industry. There is a lot of work involved and you need to be 100% committed to staying in top of your work and achieving your qualification.

What were the highlights of your course?

The highlight was making such great and strong friendships. It is amazing to be in the industry and seeing all of my friends thriving as beauty and spa therapists as well. We are often swapping tips and tricks, learning from each other at Elite and beyond

What is one of the lessons you’ve learnt through your experience to date?

The biggest lesson that I have learnt is that I am capable at an academic level to succeed in learning about anatomy and physiology, as well as additional ways the skin and body functions. This is such a big part of the course and you need to believe in yourself. My level 5 trainer was always so patient, she never stopped supporting and believing in me and her students. I will always be thankful for the level or support she provided us.


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