Ashlee Burdon - Lou Lous Hair and Beauty Spa

23 September 2021
Ashlee Burdon - Lou Lous Hair and Beauty Spa

Originally from the Waikato, Ashlee moved to Auckland to study Film at South Seas Film and Television school. It was here, working on props, sets, costumes, hair and makeup, that she found her passion for the beauty industry. It runs in the blood as Ashlee's mum owns her own studio in Cambridge and it was after working at this salon that she decided to study at Elite.

Fast-forward two years and you’ll find Ashlee working in a full-time role at Lou Lous Hair and Beauty Spa as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist. Her days are hectic with back-to-back clients and early starts but Ashlee loves it.

“You learn to have a quick drink and bite between clients…but that’s what I love; it’s being able to make people happy and feel their best and that is what normally keeps me going.”

Ashlee firmly believes that the industry shouldn’t be entered into lightly as its passion for the job that makes a successful therapist.

“This is an industry that thrives on therapists being passionate and if you are, you will always do well…It’s not just a job but it is a chance to make people feel their best and give them the confidence they need.”

To find a full-time role so quickly after graduation is a marker of how talented Ashlee is at what she does. Studying at Elite gave her the opportunity to learn from highly skilled tutors who have great connections within the beauty therapy industry and helped shape her into the therapist that she is today. 

“My beauty role models would have to be a few of my tutors at Elite. Hearing the stories about how they have helped people and what they have done throughout their careers motivates me to be the best I can be.”


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