How to become an electrician in New Zealand

30 June 2023
How to become an electrician in New Zealand


Why become an electrician?

Electricians test, install, maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment.

There's a wide variety of job opportunities for qualified electricians. Electricians often become their own bosses as a contractor or business owner. Others become employed with power supply companies or work for a business supplying and maintaining electrical products.

A boom in building and construction, along with a staff shortage has fueled the demand for electricians. This makes electricians one of the most in-demand trades.

An electrician may choose to specialise in:
- low-voltage electrical work on houses, and commercial or industrial buildings, or
- high-voltage electrical work (over 1000 volts) on power stations, substations, and other sites.

Learn the foundations to become an electrician by completing a level 3 certificate program, usually about 32 weeks duration, followed by an apprenticeship, and get paid while learning on the job. Electrical apprenticeships usually take 2-3 years to complete.

Start your career in a high-growth industry by becoming a qualified electrician.

Alternative job titles

Electrical engineer
Electrical contractor
Electrical fitter


Understanding the best way to become a qualified electrician in New Zealand looks complicated but is easy. Here are the steps you need to take to start your career as an electrician.

Step 1

Choose and enrol with a registered training provider.

Step 2

Complete a level 3 certificate program.

Step 3

Gain an electrical apprenticeship.



Average Pay

$50k - $105k annually



Length of training

3-4 years



Available Jobs


*TradeMe Jobs, April 2022

  • Accurate and methodical

  • Practical and logical

  • Good communicators

  • Able to work well alone or in a team

  • Safety-conscious

  • Good at problem-solving.

  • Power-generation companies

  • Transpower on the high-voltage national grid

  • Self-employed and work for contracting businesses

  • Run their own business


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