Diploma in Game Art and Development (Level 7) - Year 1

Wellington - 18 July 2022

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation

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NZQA Level: 7
NZQA Credits: 120
Learning Style: In-Person Learning
40 weeks
Start Date:
End Date:
30 June 2023

This qualification is designed for learners who wish to gain the skills to create associated with game art and design. These skills include design fundamentals, character and environment art assets, user interface art assets, and animation. This 2 year, practical programme provides learners with the knowledge and skills to build games from scratch and embark on a career in game design.

Game design is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, and Yoobee’s Diploma in Game Art and Development opens doors to the world’s most visionary gaming studios.

Bring your virtual world to life with this two-year programme – learn how to create video games from scratch, collaborate in teams in a studio-style setting, develop your graphical style and express your fresh ideas and spectacular stories through games.

You’ll learn the ropes from world-class game designers, work with leading games industry mentors and create original and innovative games that showcase your own insane game art capabilities.

Take part in a workplace-simulated production project where you'll work as part of a team on a game development pipeline, creating game assets from specification through to compliance.

By the time you graduate you’ll have an interactive portfolio that showcases your brilliance, and a skill set that secures your future as a next generation game designer.

2 Bunny Street, Pipitea, Wellington 6011

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Diploma in Game Art and Development (Level 7)

To have direct entry into the Diploma in Game Art and Development (Level 7), we recommend the ideal pathway below:

• Diploma in Digital Design — Animation and Film Production (Level 5)
• Diploma in 3D Production (Level 6)
• Diploma in Animation (Level 5)
• Diploma in 3D Production (Level 6)

Alternatively, there is potential to enter into this programme after successful completion of just one of the following Yoobee Colleges qualifications, or equivalent:
• Diploma in Digital Design — Animation and Film Production (Level 5)
• Diploma in Animation (Level 5)
• Diploma in Creative Digital Design (Level 6)
• Diploma in Web and UX Design (Level 6)
 Diploma in 3D Production (Level 6)
• Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics (Level 7), or equivalent
• You must also demonstrate proficiency in Maya
• Provide samples of your 3D art portfolio (see guideline here) showing the skills necessary to successfully undertake the Diploma in Game Art and Development (Level 7).
• At discretion of the Head of Faculty

International students must be at least 18 years old.

Domestic students

$8,277.93 (Year 1) + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*

$8,758.40 (Year 2) + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*

*Course Related Cost  - Covers software licensing for student use on campus for the period of 1 year. This amount can be covered by studylink's courses related cost loan.

(Eligible for 'fees-free' study)

International students

$20,500 (Year 1) + $2,000 course fee

$20,500 (Year 2) + $2,000 course fee

Please note fees are subject to change.


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